India in the Era of Economic Reforms

Written by economists and political scientists, the essays in this volume not only analyze the impact of reforms on the economy as a whole, but also assess the state of India’s post-1991 public finances, agriculture, labor markets, exports, center-state relations and the connection of economic reforms with India’s battle over caste and secularism.

Reviews & endorsements

India in the Era of Economic Reforms, a collection of multi-authored conference essays, is straightforward and competent… [It includes a] remarkable paper by Varshney, arguably India’s most promising young political scientist today.
—Jagdish Bhagwati, Times Literary Supplement

[This volume] sets out in clear simple terms the achievements of reforms, while not ignoring the problems that remain…that surely should provide the encouragement needed to solve those problems.
—Mark Tully, Outlook

[This book] assesses the progress of reforms, draws comparisons with China, outlines morals from East Asia, and dwells on political aspects.
Business Standard

India in the Era of Economic Reforms